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Executive Director's Message

Dear Friends,
Our Chamber motto, "Our Town, Glencoe", reflects the pride our businesses have in serving the Glencoe community and visitors from the surrounding villages.
With our growing membership, the Chamber plays a key role in the ongoing strength and development of the Village.  Our participation in the life of the Village helps us to provide a pleasant shopping experience for our residents, friends and neighbors.
We are always interested in suggestions from the  community. Please contact me or any of the Chamber Board members with your thoughts. Don't forget to visit our Sidewalk Sale, Festival of Art, Farmers Market, 4th of July Children's Carnival, the Holiday Saturdays of the Season and other events the Chamber sponsors to encourage people to patronize Glencoe's fine stores and businesses.
We appreciate your ongoing support; it is crucial in helping our businesses thrive and in keeping Glencoe vibrant.


Sally Sprowl
Executive Director

Glencoe Chamber of Commerce

Mission Statement

The objectives of the Glencoe Chamber of Commerce are: To develop, encourage, promote and protect the professional, and general business interests of the community; to encourage the expansion of trade; to provide a forum for the expression of business persons on matters affecting their interests; to promote the general welfare and prosperity of the Village of Glencoe and to stimulate the public interests to these ends; to provide such activities as will promote these purposes.


Vision Statement

In order to achieve our mission, the Chamber will continue to offer programs and opportunities that support membership. We will strive to communicate clearly to our membership, and be the voice of the business community in the Glencoe area. The business values of the Chamber and its membership are trust, integrity, honesty, and respect..


Downtown Glencoe, or Uptown as some call it, has never been a huge commercial center, but it has always bustled. From 1902 to 1993, the district's anchor was Henry C. Weinecke's (Wine-eh-kee's) hardware store.  It stood in place as the community watched other stores change. The Wienecke building itself changed after the family sold the hardware store. The building was restored and reconfigured into a group of retail and residential spaces.

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